About Lost River Trading Company

Ken FenstermacherKenny Fenstermacher has crafted Native American style art for over 2 decades and is well known by many for his quality and detail. He is affectionately called “Turtle Man” by many friends and clients. Kenny is of German and Native American descent. He is not enrolled as a tribal member.

Kenny is a self-taught artist of the Native American culture. He holds educational seminars on Native American reproductions and historical use on all works he creates. In 2005, after owning and operating an Indian style trading post of the same name for several years in Klamath Falls, Oregon, where he worked closely with the Klamath and Modoc Indians, Kenny relocated Lost River Trading Company to southwest Oregon. He now lives in Grants Pass.

Kenny’s Native American art has been collected by many folks both here at home and abroad. Some of his works were chosen as gifts to Russian educators. His work has been displayed in several art galleries and museums, including the Favell Museum of Western and Indian Art. Kenny’s Native American reproductions have also been used in the movie industry.

The Lost River Trading Company studio/workshop sits on the Fenstermachers’ land and overlooks the beautiful mountain vistas and forest of Southern Oregon. In this peaceful setting, Kenny creates Native American style arts and reproductions of exquisite quality, beauty, and craftsmanship. Traditional Native American “flute” music is often heard echoing throughout the trees surrounding the shop, as it provides a backdrop of inspiration for the artist at work inside.

Each item is handcrafted using natural materials whenever possible such as BONE (Cow, Buffalo, Deer and Elk), FEATHERS (Turkey, Pheasant, Guinea Fowl and more), ANTLER (usually American “Stag”), FURS, SKINS & PELTS (Fox, Rabbit, Coyote, Buffalo, Snake and more), LEATHERS (Buckskin, Buffalo, Elk and more), GENUINE SINEW (Deer or Buffalo Legs or Elk Back), SHELLS (Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Cowrie and more), WOOD (Hard and Softwood: Pine, Oak, Hickory Cedar, Madrone), TEETH and CLAWS (Coyote, Badger, Water Buffalo), METALS (Iron, Brass, Copper, Silver, Tin). Ken also uses a few simulated materials, such as TEETH and CLAWS (Eagle, Bear and Hawk), SINEW (Very strong, authentic colors), FEATHERS( Hawk, Eagle, Owl & More – Protected). Kenny uses a lot of wood found on the property to create items such as spirit chasers, rattles, quivers, displays, and more. Many items include actual historical beads and antique decorations. Native American related books and publications are used to help insure historical and cultural accuracy when needed. Items for sale are made primarily for display in the home or office collection, but many pieces can be worn for the occasional “night out” or other special event.

Kenny’s studio in Grants Pass Oregon is continually equipped with a good supply of material and related items, such as brass, bone, feathers, beads, leather, and so on. The availability of materials allows for the provision of outside repairs, quick turnaround time on custom orders, and art work variety. No two pieces are exactly alike – take a look at LRTC’s current work or previously sold works!

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