Plains Style Leather Quiver

SKU: Q-659


Item # Q-659 >  This Quiver is completely antiqued and features a Medicine Wheel with the four colors of Black, Red, Yellow and White representing the Four Winds of North, South, East and West. Additional items used include :

<>  Soft & Durable Premium Split Cowhide <>  Nutria Fur  <>  Brass Conchos  <>  Bone Beads  <>  Guinea Feathers  <>  Glass Crow Beads  <>  Tin Cones  <>  Hardwood  <>  Ostrich Feather  <>  Brass Beads  <>  Reproduction “Old Style” Trade Beads  <>  Turkey Feathers  <>  Hand Polished Antler Button  <>  Paint

<>  Completely Leather Laced  <>  Leather Shoulder Strap


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