Breastplate Set

SKU: BPS-679


Item # BPS-679 >  This bone breastplate set offers a unique style of a breastplate and loop necklace.  Copied from a historical photo, this set was made using all natural materials:   <>   ANTIQUED BONE TUBES   <>   BRASS “TRADE” BEADS   <>   ABALONE SHELL DISC   <>   GLASS “TRADE” BEADS   <>     SOFT DEERSKIN (GOLD)   <>   BLACK MATTED CROW BEADS   <>    BLACK HORN BUTTONS   <>   SMALL BRASS BUTTONS   <>   ANTIQUED BONE DISC   <>     HEMP CORDAGE   <>   LEATHER SPACERS   <>   ERMINE PELTS………….SIZE….CHOKER IS 14 INCHES ….BREASTPLATE IS 15 INCHES x 13 INCHES


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