Medicine Wheel Breastplate and Matching Choker

SKU: BPS-455


Item # BPS-455

This is a “Short Style” Breastplate Set as used by warriors in the 1860-1920.

This Medicine Wheel breastplate set uses these natural products for the build and decoration:

** Ermine Pelts   ** Genuine Antiqued Bone Hairpipe   ** Tin Cones   ** Gold Buckskin Leather

** Genuine Horn Hairpipe   ** Solid Brass Concho   ** Amber Buttons   * Matted Cobalt Crow Beads

** Old Style Brass Beads   ** Handmade Medicine Wheel   ** Amber Hairpipe

SIZE:  Breastplate 14 ” L X 15 ” W        Choker  14″ L X 2″ Wide

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