Antiqued Bone Breastplate Set

SKU: BPS-666


Item #  BPS-666 >>> This is a “Short Style” Breastplate and Matching Choker Set and was common  among the “Plains” Tribes as well as other tribes ! Materials used in making this set include :

<>   Antiqued Bone Hairpipe   <>   Old Style Brass Trade Beads   <>   Antiqued Antler Buttons   <>   Solid Brass Concho   <>   Leather Wrapped Medicine Wheel

<>   Glass Trade Beads   <>   Soft Elk Leather Fringe and Ties   <>   Leather Spacers   <>  Hen Feathers    <>Supported Leather End Caps

SIZE:  Choker is 15 inches plus Ties…….Breastplate is 13 inches x 9 inches plus fringe

In stock

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